Best Buy deal $250 OFF the Pixel 8 Pro

Written on 06/10/2024
Taylor Bell

While not every phone contract is favorable for everyone, the following additions should really please the crowds. You can currently save $250 on the Google Pixel 8 Pro at Best Buy, getting a premium phone with a high-quality camera for much less than the usual list price. In addition to a strong camera setup, the Pixel 8 Pro boasts fast and smooth performance thanks to the powerful Google Tensor G3 chipset, useful AI features, and long-term software support that assures buyers that it will always be improved. It also has a very bright and easy-on-the-eyes AMOLED display that is about 6.7 inches.

The awesome Google Pixel 8 Pro is currently on sale at Best Buy, and you can get $250 off the regular price if you buy it without a contract. Above all, we love this phone for its powerful camera, but there is honestly a lot to appreciate about this premium Google phone. Normally it is very expensive, but this offer cuts the price by 25%, so you get more for less.

✅Recommended for: You take a lot of photos and videos and need a powerful camera. A phone with long battery life is your top priority. You need a phone with a long software update guarantee.

❌Skip this offer if: You want an even cheaper phone and would be better off with a budget-friendly option. You just want the best gaming phone and are willing to pay a higher price.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is our pick for the best Android smartphone for parents, but most people who value high-quality camera equipment and good performance will love this premium smartphone. It also has a great 6.7-inch AMOLED display that's easy on the eyes, a long-lasting battery, and seven years of Android updates, so we know the model will only get better over time.

Most of the apps on the phone run smoothly, but gaming isn't the Pixel 8 Pro's forte. However, most casual gamers will find it worth their money, especially with the camera features that make this phone such a great value.

Even with this discount, there are certainly cheaper phones out there. But if you're looking for a premium phone anyway, another $250 off won't hurt, especially for such a powerful phone.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: $999.00 $649.00 at Best Buy