Pixel 7A Is at Its Lowest Price Yet

Written on 05/01/2024
Taylor Bell

Google has historically launched its A-Series midrange Pixel smartphone around this time of year (usually at its Google I/O developer conference, which is set to take place on May 14 this year). Rumors abound about the new Pixel 8A—it might cost $499 again. If you’ve been hoping to join the Pixel hardware ecosystem, there’s good news! You don't have to spend as much. Last year's still-excellent Pixel 7A is on sale at its lowest price to date: $349. We've also found some good discounts on other Pixel gear, including the Pixel Watch 2, Pixel Buds Pro, and Pixel Tablet.

The Google Pixel 7A is WIRED's top Android smartphone recommendation for most people (8/10, WIRED Recommends). This handset's MSRP is $499, and while it often fluctuates in price, this is the best deal we have ever tracked. It offers excellent performance, a great camera system, a wonderfully bright and sharp 90-Hz OLED display, plus wireless charging support. It'll get two more Android OS upgrades and four more years of security updates. That's a heck of a lot of phone for just $350, and I haven't even mentioned many of the smart software features that make these Pixels so helpful to use, nor the great camera system.


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