Apple Says iPhones Will Better Support Third-Party Displays and Batteries Later This Year

Written on 06/28/2024
Taylor Bell

Apple nowadays posted a prolonged whitepaper that highlights the company`s method to tool repairability and longevity. In the document, Apple found out that iPhones will higher help third-celebration shows and batteries later in 2024.

First, Apple stated True Tone will paintings with third-celebration iPhone shows later this year:

True Tone requires precise calibration to function properly, and it is not possible to engage a default calibration for third-party displays, which can result in unexpected behavior. For this reason, Apple disables the True Tone feature when third-party displays are used, but enables all other aspects of the display. In an effort to offer more complete support for third-party parts, starting later in 2024, Apple will allow consumers to activate True Tone with third-party parts to the best performance that can be provided. iPhone will be able to deactivate True Tone in Settings if the display does not perform to their satisfaction.

True Tone robotically adapts the colour of the show to in shape the mild for your environment.

Second, Apple stated battery fitness metrics which include most capability and cycle be counted number will paintings with third-birthday birthday celebration iPhone batteries later this year:

Currently, battery health metrics such as maximum capacity and cycle count are not presented to consumers whose devices have third-party batteries. This is because the accuracy of these metrics cannot be verified by Apple. In fact, an Apple internal analysis has found that some third-party batteries sold as new are actually secondhand, with battery health metrics manipulated to appear as new. In an effort to improve support for third-party batteries, starting later in 2024, Apple will display battery health metrics with a notification stating that Apple cannot verify the information presented.

Apple stated the third-celebration battery metrics aren't assured to be accurate.

These modifications will probably be rolled out with iOS 18 updates later this year, however Apple did now no longer offer greater unique timing in its document.