Apple Intelligence not coming to the EU over regulatory concerns

Written on 06/21/2024
Taylor Bell

Apple's latest AI-powered features, part of the new Apple Intelligence platform, will not be available in the European Union due to concerns over the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The law, which aims to promote competition and interoperability within digital markets, has raised concerns from Apple about the potential for user privacy and data security to be compromised.

Apple expressed these concerns in a statement to Bloomberg, highlighting the potential impact the DMA's interoperability requirements have on the integrity of its products. As a result, the EU launch of Apple Intelligence features, including improvements to iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing, will be delayed.

The delay could be a major setback for Apple and its users, as the company had been touting Apple Intelligence heavily at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference. The company spent much of its keynote introducing these new technologies and their potential to improve user experience on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

However, Apple has indicated that this delay is not permanent. In a statement to the Financial Times, the company expressed its desire to eventually roll out these features to EU users. This will require finding a way to ensure compliance with the DMA's interoperability requirements, which are intended to foster seamless collaboration between different technology products and services. Apple may need to adjust the way Apple Intelligence works to meet these needs, which may require opening up features to platforms outside of Apple's own ecosystem.

It remains to be seen how this situation develops and whether Apple can successfully navigate the regulatory environment to make Apple Intelligence features available to EU users. The outcome could have significant implications for both Apple and the broader technology industry, as companies face the challenge of balancing innovation and regulatory compliance.