iOS 18 will soon let you set your own charging limit on all members of the iPhone 15 family

Written on 06/11/2024
Taylor Bell

Set your charging limit from 80-100%.


  • iOS 18 will let iPhone 15 users choose their battery charging limit range and set it between 80-100%.
  • This should help increase the longevity of the iPhone battery.
  • The feature does not support older iPhones.

Yesterday, Apple revealed a lot of new details about iOS 18 during the WWDC24 keynote. We did our best to cover everything, but there was a lot to take in. A feature in iOS 18 that many may have overlooked is aimed at giving you more control over your iPhone 15's battery life. Previously, the iPhone 15 series limited battery charge to 80% to reduce wear and improve battery life. iOS 18 gives you more options with a sliding scale that lets you choose a charge limit between 80-100% before your iPhone automatically stops charging.

Note that, at least for now, this feature doesn't work on iPhone 14 and older devices. This limitation is likely due to some kind of hardware limitation, but we can't say for sure yet.

And when will these charging limit options actually appear on the iPhone 15? The first beta of iOS 18 is already available, but the public beta won't be released until July. For those looking for the most stable experience, the final stable version of iOS 18 is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

In the screenshots below, you can see that this feature will give you even more control than in iOS 17: