“Apple Intelligence” is bringing AI features to every Apple device with an A17 Pro or faster chip

Written on 06/11/2024
Taylor Bell

While Apple originally made virtual assistants popular with its Siri software, Siri has received criticism for its limited features compared to competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Meta who have advanced AI capabilities. Apple is now launching its own AI called Apple Intelligence, which offers assistance with writing, photography, image editing, and enhances Siri. Apple Intelligence is integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

Apple Intelligence stands out from other generative AI services due to its strong focus on privacy, which sets it apart in the field. The company is utilizing its existing neural engine technologies for on-device processing to ensure data security. However, this does come with a catch - users will need a device with a minimum requirement of an Apple A17 Pro chip to access Apple Intelligence, limiting it to Apple A15 Pro smartphones or newer, as well as recent iPads or Macs with an Apple M1 processor or faster.

Apple is introducing "Private Cloud Compute" to enable cloud-based AI features when on-device processing is not sufficient. This technology allows local devices to connect to remote servers, which are dedicated Apple silicon servers that do not store or access user data in any way according to Apple.

Apple does not store user requests, therefore it does not train its AI models on those requests. Even though Apple is incorporating ChatGPT into Siri and its writing tools, user requests will still remain untracked. This integration will be offered for free without requiring a paid ChatGPT account.

Alright, let's shift the focus from privacy. What are some key functions of Apple Intelligence? Here are a few notable features:

  • Siri is being revamped to include context-awareness, improved natural language understanding for both voice and text input, and the capability to execute tasks within various apps. This upgraded version of Siri can analyze on-screen content and enable users to interact with displayed elements. Additionally, Siri can offer detailed guidance on how to perform tasks on your device.
  • Writing Tools are capable of condensing significant amounts of text and can assist in various writing tasks such as composing, editing, and paraphrasing text in almost any writing environment.
  • Priority Notifications can identify the most crucial notifications, place them at the top, and offer summaries to assist in quickly reviewing your notifications.
  • Priority messages in Mail have the ability to perform the same function in managing your email inbox.
  • You have the option to receive condensed versions of lengthier email messages or audio recordings saved in the Notes or Phone applications.
  • Decrease disruptions in Focus mode can detect notifications that could be important enough to warrant your attention, even if you prefer not to be disturbed.
  • Smart Reply in Mail can assist in recognizing queries to address in a message and suggesting relevant content to incorporate in your reply.
  • The Genmoji feature allows you to create personalized emoji using generative image technology. Additionally, the Image Playground app and Image Wand feature for iPad enable you to transform a basic sketch made with an Apple Pencil into a refined image. Furthermore, the Image Wand can analyze surrounding content on the screen when you circle an empty space to suggest relevant illustrations.
  • Memory Movie in Photos allows users to input a description of a movie, and it will automatically search for and compile the photos and videos that best match the description to create a video. Additionally, users can also search for specific photos and videos by typing a description.
  • A new feature in Photos removes objects from the background, which may bring to mind a similar tool.

A noteworthy point is that Apple has recently introduced an AI-based image generation tool called the Image Playground app. However, unlike other similar tools, this app does not allow users to create realistic images or imitate the artistic style of specific artists. Instead, users can choose from a limited selection of three different image styles.

  • Sketch
  • Illustration
  • Animation

This limited set of styles could be a feature rather than a bug, since it could help eliminate concerns about deepfakes or copyright infringement.