Apple May Enhance Mail App with New AI Features in iOS 18

Written on 06/10/2024
Taylor Bell

It's no secret that Apple is introducing a number of generative AI features in iOS 18, some of which have been leaked and previewed. Just days after the announcement of the major software update, more details have emerged about these features. And it looks like the official Mail app will have some major AI improvements.

Apple Insider reports that Apple is adding meaningful AI capabilities to the Mail app in iOS 18 as part of "Project Blackpearl," the codename for the company's cross-app AI initiative. The app is said to have more powerful search and intelligent response capabilities, enabled through Apple's on-device Ajax LLM (Large Language Model) model.

Smarter search and reply in Mail app
Specifically, we'll talk about users receiving expanded and richer search results within the app. For example, in addition to simple email messages and attachments, results will include contacts, locations, and even documents stored in the device's memory.

Similar to the Smart Reply feature, users can send AI-generated replies. However, they can also compose a message and tell Siri to change the tone of the message, for example by asking the assistant to make the message more professional or friendly.

The Write with Siri feature should be possible with new frameworks in iOS 18 and Apple's other operating systems. However, it is noted that the framework will be available in pre-release versions once iOS 18 is released.

Email Categorization and Summarization
In addition to smarter search and reply capabilities, the Mail app is also expected to better categorize emails, perhaps rivaling Google's Gmail. These categories include news, ads, commerce, social, and transactions. It is unclear whether AI will also enable more intelligent filters, such as spam email detection.

A Mail feature closer to Siri territory was the ability to aggregate emails and email threads in addition to messages and notifications. This is said to be available on iOS 18 and macOS 15.

Are you excited to get and test these AI features? What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.