Apple Rumored to Launch the Vision Pro Worldwide in July

Written on 06/01/2024
Taylor Bell

After its exclusive US launch a while back, Apple's Vision Pro headset hasn't gotten off to a good start. Sales reportedly fell short of the Cupertino tech giant's expectations. Some reports have even suggested the company has lowered its projected sales numbers, but new reports suggest Apple still believes in the Vision Pro.
In fact, Apple is now expected to launch the $3,500 headset worldwide in July, with stores in regions such as the UK already receiving shipments of the new headset. There are even rumors that Apple may announce an international launch date during WWDC next June.

Apple's unveiling of the Vision Pro a few months ago was arguably one of the most interesting trends in recent tech history. While VR and AR headsets are not new products or technologies, the Vision Pro was featured in Apple's marketing slides and slickly edited ads as a sort of second product, similar to the launch of the first iPhone.

But unlike the iPhone, the Vision Pro hasn't made the impact Apple had hoped for, at least in terms of sales. It remains to be seen whether the global launch will reverse this trend, but the device's rather steep price tag is certainly a barrier for the "average" buyer.