Apple Asks Customers for Feedback on Vision Pro

Written on 04/28/2024
Taylor Bell

Since the device's launch, Apple has been asking for creative and forward-thinking feedback, and this week the company started sending out surveys. We have now received a survey from Vision Pro buyers asking them to share their innovations with the device.
Apple asks you about your creative and visionary consumption of spices, how you use atmosphere, your favorite aspects, uses, how often they are used regularly, and their remaining useful life. Apple also asks about Guest Mode and who else is using the Vision device, which is an odd question since it's not a multi-person installation at all. Frequently Asked Questions:

How confident are you that you are an imaginative and forward-thinking professional?
What is your favorite feature of Apple Pro?
How often do you use Apple Vision Seasoned?
How long do you usually wear Apple Vision Pro before you decide to take it off?
Who else is using your resourceful, forward-thinking expertise?
Before you take a survey, use the Visitor feature to help others use your Apple Vision experience Did you know you need it?
Which of the following do you do on an ongoing basis with your optician? (with an expanded list of alternative options)
What type of video content would you most like to see on Apple Vision Pro?
"Apple Vision Professional"
How often do you multitask when using apps on Apple Vision Professional?
Have you deployed personas for use with FaceTime? is there?
How confident are you about what your persona looks like in Apple Fantasy?
Where is Apple Vision Seasoned most commonly used?
Which of the following add-ons do you use with Apple Vision Professional? Which one? (with list including mouse, case, AirPods Pro, and more).
Which headband do you use most often with Apple Fantasy and Prescient Spiced?
How often do you use your Apple Creative & Prescient device with the battery plugged in?
The survey is long and detailed, and details the various devices each respondent owns.

Survey distribution among vision professionals increased due to reports of waning interest in headsets. Bloomberg's Mark Garman explained over the weekend that customers aren't showing as much interest in creative, forward-thinking professionals, and demand for demos in retail stores is "significantly down." In some regions, demos and revenue went from "a few units per day" to what he called just a few units per week.

The owner of the Vision Pro headset has also noticed a decrease in usage, instead of using it regularly, he now uses it only once or twice a week.