The ‘next-generation’ of CarPlay is launching this year

Written on 04/26/2024
Taylor Bell

Apple's CarPlay platform has become widely popular since its launch. It's installed in most new cars on the market today, and for good reason. It's one of the most important things people look for when buying a new car.

At his WWDC in June 2022, Apple announced the so-called "Next Generation CarPlay". This new CarPlay interface will be introduced in new cars this year and will be a big change.

An all-new design for
CarPlay was initially introduced as part of iOS 7 as "iOS in the car", and shortly thereafter it was renamed to CarPlay. CarPlay's interface hasn't changed much since this rebranding. The biggest design change came in iOS 13, where Apple introduced a new dashboard interface with different "cards" for apps like Maps, Music, and more.

However, the "next generation" of CarPlay will see a complete overhaul of the CarPlay interface. We haven't had a chance to try out the new CarPlay design yet, but Apple's images from WWDC provided a first look.

The new design still relies on the app icon grid as the primary UI element, but there are a number of other changes to the app grid. There's a split-view style interface for viewing multiple apps at once, and a dock at the bottom for quick access to recent apps.

But what's really cool about the new CarPlay interface is that it can take over your car's entire infotainment system. This includes the entire center console display and all other displays, such as behind the steering wheel.

One of his new design Apple models uses a car that is stylistically similar to the Mercedes-Benz EQS, with a large display that basically extends from behind the steering wheel to the passenger side. . The interface appears to be fully modular, with a variety of tiles and widgets for apps like Weather, HomeKit, and more.

Another model (at the top of this article) shows a car very similar to the Ford Mustang his Mach-E. It has a vertical center display and a small instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

If you want CarPlay to take over your entire in-car experience, CarPlay must have access to all of your car's features. With this in mind, the "next generation" of his CarPlay will give you access to a much wider range of vehicle features than before. Apple says this is made possible by the iPhone communicating with the car's real-time systems.

This includes climate control, fuel and battery levels, radio control, instrument cluster data, etc. "CarPlay seamlessly displays speed, fuel level, temperature, and more in the instrument cluster," he said of Apple. “With greater integration into the vehicle, users can, for example, control the radio or change the air conditioning directly via CarPlay.”