Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 'Slim' could have larger screens than standard models

Written on 07/07/2024
Taylor Bell


  • Samsung could release the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim in Q4 2024, with the company expected to bundle a larger inner screen than the standard Z Fold 6 model.
  • Due to the reduced thickness of this model, it will reportedly lack support for the S Pen stylus.
  • Samsung will reportedly ship 400,000 to 500,000 units of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim, with availability being limited to select markets, including China.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is just around the corner, with Samsung expected to unveil it at its Unpacked event on July 10. However, as keen observers know, there are also rumors that a "slim" version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will hit the market this year. Rumors initially suggested that a thinner Z Fold model would be released alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, but just recently we learned that Samsung may postpone the release until the fourth quarter of this year, or possibly even early 2025. Korean news site The Elec has published more details about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim and some of its hardware characteristics.

The Elec further states that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim will feature an 8-inch internal screen (when unfolded) and a 6.5-inch external/cover display. This would make the slim model larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which is rumored to feature a familiar 6.3-inch cover display and a 7.6-inch inner screen.

As The Elec points out, Samsung was previously working on a foldable device with an 8-inch inner screen, but it was reportedly put on hold due to grip issues caused by the overall thickness of the device. However, the company appears to have since fixed those issues.

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