Samsung Galaxy Ring price leak hints at expensive debut

Written on 07/06/2024
Taylor Bell

Samsung's first smart ring is expected to debut on July 10.


  • A new report claims that the European price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be €449.
  • This could translate to a US price of about $350-$400, higher than the initially expected $300.
  • The Oura Ring, one of the most popular smart rings, starts at $299 in the US.

With just days left until Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, excitement is building for the highly anticipated Galaxy Ring, Samsung's first foray into the smart ring market. However, a recently leaked secrecy about the ring's price has dampened some of our initial enthusiasm.

French bargain portal WinFuture was the first to report that Dealabs had received information from a local retailer that the official recommended price for the Samsung Galaxy Ring in France will be a staggering 449 euros.

For comparison, the Galaxy Ring's main competitor, the Oura Ring, starts at $299 in the US and 399 euros in Europe. If the leaked European pricing is correct, the Galaxy Ring could debut in the US for a price of $350-400, well above the initial price of $300 that many had expected.

It's worth noting that prices for the Oura Ring start at $299 but can go up to $550 depending on the style and color. Additionally, Oura requires a yearly subscription of about $70 to access all of its health information.

In contrast, the Galaxy Ring will likely not charge users a subscription fee, at least for the first year, which may be the reason for the higher initial price. However, Samsung has hinted that some of the Samsung Health and Galaxy AI features may eventually be offered under a subscription model.

Despite these justifications, a higher initial price could deter some early adopters and Samsung fans who were hoping for a lower price than the Oura Ring.

Price aside, reports suggest that the Galaxy Ring will be available in nine sizes (5-13) and three colors (black, silver, and gold). It will reportedly be available in France and Europe on July 19, with a similar launch schedule expected in the U.S.

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