OnePlus Announcing New Device Lineup on July 16

Written on 07/05/2024
Taylor Bell

OnePlus is headed to Milan, one of the fanciest places on this planet, to report its unused budget-friendly lineup of gadgets. It's a control move and we got to regard it.

New Lineup

  • OnePlus Pad 2, a new flagship productivity tablet
  • OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro, the pinnacle of mid-range ANC earbuds
  • OnePlus Watch 2R, a lightweight Wear OS smartwatch
  • OnePlus Nord 4 smartphone – the only all metal unibody smartphone of the 5G era

On July 16 at 9am EDT, OnePlus will disclose four unused items:
OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Professional, OnePlus Observe 2R, OnePlus Cushion 2, and OnePlus Nord 4. OnePlus gives a brief portrayal of what each gadget is. For illustration, they note that the Nord 4 is the as it were all metal unibody smartphone of the 5G period.

Within the picture, we are able see the OnePlus symbol on what we expect is the case for the OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Master earbuds. That title is way as well long, by the way. We'll go ahead and figure that seeing this might cruel OnePlus serious to present a buds case that highlights a show? We've seen comparable things from both JBL and Samsung as of late, so it wouldn't be as well stunning. The fingers are formally crossed.

Once OnePlus has declared and made all of these modern toys official, we'll let you know estimating, specs, and accessibility.