Google Pixel 9 - New Video of a Bold New Pink Color Emerges

Written on 07/02/2024
Taylor Bell

Just last night, a month before the announcement, we saw a short hands-on video of the new Google Pixel 9. Here's a slightly more detailed video that shows how the screen actually turns on:

Thanks to Instagram user @Reparation_mobile23, we have a 27-second look at the pink Google Pixel 9, where the user sees every angle of the phone and the screen turned on and in action:

One of the first things you'll notice when the screen turns on is that the bezels are symmetrical. This was a common complaint with older Pixel devices. This time around, it looks like the bottom panel is the same thickness as the other sides, which makes it look very elegant.

As shown in the render, the camera bar is square.
We see the camera bar again here, this year it's square. This is a different look from Google, but one we've seen in a lot of renders recently. So, this part actually seems to be true.

The back of the phone has a glossy finish, with a matte camera bar and matte sides. It's similar to the iPhone 13 and 14, which had a matte finish on the sides and a glossy back. It looks like Google really took inspiration from the iPhone this year, including the flat sides around the device.

Something else to note here: The phone has a genuine Google logo on it. This means it's probably a finished product, not an early prototype. Another user said it was already for sale in Algeria, so they may have gotten it from there. The phone also lacks any identifying features that would suggest it's a Google phone.

Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 9 at its Made by Google event on August 13, along with many other Pixel products.