Google prepping an exclusive Pixel 9 AI with Windows Recall-like abilities

Written on 07/02/2024
Taylor Bell


  • Google AI for Pixel 9 could include Gemini, Circle to Search, and new features like Pixel Screenshots, Add Me, and Studio.
  • Pixel Screenshots would use on-device AI for searchable screenshots and chatbot-like conversations, addressing privacy concerns with Microsoft Copilot's Recall feature.
  • Google AI for Pixel 9 launch is expected in August, with at least three variants of the device.

Google has a ton of AI tools and utilities in various stages of simultaneous development, but it can be hard to keep track of them, as tools like Help Me Write impact Workspace users, while Circle to Search affects some utilities like Pixel phones and Gemini. It replaces Google Assistant and affects all Android devices. But Google has always managed to make its Pixel phones stand out from the crowd with unique software features, and a new report suggests that AI will ensure that the Pixel 9 is no exception.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S24 series with Circle to Search and a range of tools that will be sold together under the name Galaxy AI. Reputed leaker Kamila Wojciechowska recently shared incriminating evidence about Google's plans for a similar "Google AI" wrapper with a selection of AI tools for the Pixel 9 series in an article for Android Authority, saving us from confusion.


The Google AI branded screenshots mention features we’ve already seen, like Gemini replacing Google Assistant and Circle to Search, but also include some new additions. The description of the most interesting feature, called Pixel Screenshots, may sound familiar, as it leverages on-device AI to make screenshots searchable. It should also enable chatbot-like conversations about the contents of screenshots, presumably using built-in AI models like Gemini Nano. This is very similar to Microsoft’s Copilot AI recall feature, which received a lot of backlash due to obvious privacy concerns.

However, one key difference is that Microsoft forces recalls, while Google can use an opt-in approach. Wojciechowska also emphasized that Pixel Screenshots will only cover screenshots you take, not everything that happens on the device like Recall does, which should definitely make the feature more secure, but Google needs to be careful about presenting this when the Pixel 9 launches.

Other AI smarts include Add Me and Studio
. Wojciechowska's screenshot also shows two other features included in Google AI on the Pixel 9: an additional feature called "Add Me" that aims to assist with group photos. There are few details about this, but it should be similar to Best Take introduced in the Pixel 8, with improved ability to merge shots of different people.

Studio is also part of Google AI for the Pixel 9, and Wojciechowska said this will most likely be a comprehensive image generation tool, comparable to ImageFX, which is based on Google's Imagen 2 model of text-to-image conversion. We think this is related to AI-powered image editing, but ultimately what matters is how Google integrates Studio into the device. We should know more about the Pixel 9 series when it arrives, but luckily the wait isn't long. Google has brought the event forward to August this year, and we're expecting at least three variants of the Pixel 9 series to debut this time around. We can only hope that the company won't reserve the best Google AI features for its flagship products.