Google Pixel 9 Pro Fold — all the rumors so far

Written on 06/26/2024
Taylor Bell

Whether it's the Pixel Fold 2 or the Pixel 9 Pro, here's what we know about the next Google foldable

What's the name? We may find out soon as Google may be nearing the release of a successor to the Google Pixel Fold, and the new foldable phone is apparently set to debut with a completely different name.

You may assume that the successor to the Pixel Fold will be called the Pixel Fold 2, but rumors suggest that Google has something else in mind. The new foldable device is expected to launch alongside the Google Pixel 9 series, with its launch apparently set for August, and we may soon find out what many are speculating about whether Google's next foldable device will be the Pixel Fold 2 or the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. Think about it now. Whatever name the successor to the Pixel Fold will be given, the new model is sure to come with a number of improvements. The first Pixel Fold was an impressive folding device with a wide front display, high-quality camera, and intuitive multitasking capabilities. Despite some flaws (thick bezels, some apps not displaying full screen), Google's first attempt at a foldable device still ranks in our list of best foldable phones.

But Google is under pressure to push the envelope with the Pixel Fold 2/Pixel 9 Pro Fold, as it faces stiff competition from the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6, due for release in July, and other foldable devices. The next foldable Pixel is said to feature a narrower and slimmer design with less camera protrusion, a more powerful Tensor G4 chip (presumably), and other upgrades. Here's everything we know so far about the phone.

Let's talk about the name first. Pixel Fold 2 seems like a logical name for the successor to the Pixel Fold, but Google's decision to include a foldable device in its regular Pixel flagship line would obviously lead to a name change.

After Google launched the Pixel 8a in the spring, the company is now focused on flagship phones, and Android Authority predicts that four new phones will arrive under the Pixel 9 banner. In addition to the standard Pixel 9, it looks like the Pixel 9 Pro will be available in multiple sizes. In addition to the smaller Pro phone, Google is apparently planning a Pixel 9 Pro XL. Meanwhile, the Pixel Fold 2 will be integrated into the Pixel 9 lineup and will be named Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

Recall that the original Pixel Fold was unveiled at Google I/O 2023, when last May Google I/O ended without a new folding device. In this theory that the new version will be part of the Pixel 9, the figures would be: , in weight. We also like the name change, thanks to reports that the new foldable device may switch to the Tensor G4 chipset, which is expected to debut with the release of the Pixel 9. Therefore, from now on, we will call this rumored update the Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

Usually, Google holds its launch event around this time, so the flagship Pixel smartphone, with or without the Fold, will be launched in October. But this year, Google surprised us.

The company announced that it will hold a Made by Google hardware event on August 13. It is almost certain that the Pixel 9 series will be showcased at this show. So, if the Pixel 9 Pro Fold is part of this group of phones, it will appear in mid-August.

Currently, there is no information on the price of the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, but that may change as we get closer to the August 13 launch date. We don't expect the updated foldable device to be priced lower than the Pixel Fold's starting price of $1,799, but considering the current trend of rising smartphone prices, we won't rule it out until we hear otherwise. For example, there are currently rumors that the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be $100 higher.

According to the design leak, the Pixel 9 Pro Fold may look a bit different from previous models. Google could make the device a bit slimmer instead of having a wider cover display than the narrow display of phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The source also claims that the inner display will have a more square aspect ratio, similar to the OnePlus Open. These two changes could be in response to complaints that there aren't enough apps optimized for the Pixel Fold, resulting in black bars on the larger inner display. The source also told Android Authority that this will hopefully result in an even slimmer design, making it a bit lighter to carry around.

The leaked images also reveal that the Pixel 9 Pro Fold may have a major change on its back. Instead of the horizontal camera bar that has been used since the release of the Pixel 6, the 9 Pro Fold is likely to feature a small, thick camera bump in the top right corner. The image shows four lenses stacked in pairs.

It doesn't look very good, so we hope this is just a prototype design and will be replaced or significantly slimmed down in the final Pixel 9 Pro Fold model.

A recent exclusive from SmartPrix showed the first 360-degree render video of the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, along with details about its overall shape. Google is reportedly aiming for the thinnest folding smartphone currently on sale in the North American market with the upcoming Fold.

The Pixel 9 Pro Fold may also feature a larger display than competing foldable devices, with a 6.29-inch exterior and 8.02-inch interior.

Color has always been an important part of a phone's look, and it looks like the Pixel 9 Pro Fold may return to black and white. Unfortunately, there may not be a pink or green option like the other models.

One of the benefits of adding a Pixel Fold successor to the Pixel 9 lineup is that it could have the same Tensor G4 chipset that's in Google's flagship smartphones this year. And that means it'll be an improvement over the G3-equipped devices.

While we don't know the benchmark capabilities of the Tensor chip, rumors have suggested that the G4 chip may be based on Samsung's Exynos 2400, the same chipset found in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus outside the US. While the Exynos chip won't beat the flagship Snapdragon chipsets used in other Android flagships, the new architecture could give the Pixel 9 Pro Fold a lot more processing power, as well as the AI ​​features that were in last year's G3-equipped Pixel 8 series. Not found.

It has also been suggested that the Pixel 9 Pro Fold may offer at least 16GB of RAM, 4GB more than the original Fold. Upgrading the storage to UFS 4.0 will improve read/write speeds and improve power efficiency.

The design leak, although not of good quality, seems to show the possibility of the Pixel 9 Pro Fold with a fourth camera lens. However, all we can see is that there appears to be only one lens with the distinctive rectangular shape of a telephoto lens. So, judging from this image alone, it is quite unlikely that the Pixel 9 Pro Fold will have a second telephoto camera similar to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It is unclear what changes the Pixel 9 Pro Fold will offer compared to the first Pixel Fold. The model was equipped with a 48MP main lens, a 10.8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 10.8MP telephoto lens with 5x magnification. Optical zoom. The increased resolution of the latter two would be welcome, as would other changes such as a larger camera sensor and increased telephoto magnification.

Whatever happens, we can expect Google to do everything in its power to improve its AI camera to produce better images from the get-go and provide more powerful editing tools after shooting.