OnePlus brings an all-new Glacier battery to power its upcoming high-end phones

Written on 06/22/2024
Taylor Bell

It is a new 6100mAh battery capacity designed to revolutionize users' charging habits.


  • OnePlus has co-developed a new 6100mAh battery capacity designed for high-performance phones.
  • It supports 100W super fast charge and is promised to last with 80% health even after four years.
  • The upcoming OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is the first handset from the company to feature the new battery tech.

OnePlus has released a new battery that will be featured in the company's upcoming phones and will soon revolutionize smartphones. It is called the OnePlus Glacier battery and its capacity is a whopping 6100 mAh.

The new Glacier battery is based on the "silicon carbon anode" battery technology jointly developed by OnePlus and Ningde New Energy. Supposedly designed specifically for high-performance phones, it will reward users' charging habits as it will deliver at least two days of battery life on a single charge.

In addition, the Glacier battery is said to have the following unique advantages: B. A five-minute quick charge will give users the equivalent of two hours of gameplay or three and a half hours of TikTok surfing.

Another attractive element of the new battery capacity is that it can support OnePlus' 100W super fast charging technology, which can charge from 1% to 100% in just 36 minutes. Another notable element of the new technology is that the battery performance is said to be maintained at up to 80% even after four years of use.

Despite having a large 6100mAh battery, it is reportedly smaller than the traditional 5000mAh battery found in most Android smartphones, all thanks to the "high-performance bionic silicon carbon material" used in the manufacture of the Glacier battery. It also has an ultra-high energy density of 763Wh/L, which is "23.1% higher than regular graphite batteries."

OnePlus smartphones are known for their large battery capacities, especially the new OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R models, which already come with 5400mAh and 5500mAh batteries, respectively. It also proved to be a great performer in Android Central's tests.

The fact that the same company is releasing new battery technology with fast charging capabilities is an encouraging aspect, especially for future OnePlus phones.

Speaking of OnePlus, the company has started unveiling its upcoming Ace 3 Pro phone, which is expected to launch in China by the end of this month. During the Glacier battery launch, the company confirmed that the upcoming Ace 3 Pro will be the company's first phone to feature a new 6100mAh battery technology and will also feature an 8th generation Snapdragon chip. A sister device to this device, the OnePlus Ace 3, was also recently launched.