Android 15 Beta 3 rollout pushes Google across an exciting milestone

Written on 06/18/2024
Taylor Bell

The next major OS release is right on schedule.


  • Google's Android 15 Beta 3 rollout has begun, bringing a few improvements to testers and developers for passkeys and the Credential Manager.
  • Beta 3 brings single-tap sign-in for passkeys, giving users one unified sub-menu to complete the biometric scan for access.
  • Other smaller updates involve developers ensuring their apps are prepared for Android 15 alongside a depreciation of WebSettings in Android WebView.
  • Android 15 Beta 3 marks the software's Platform Stability milestone, which is on schedule according to Google's timeline.

Today (June 18), Google is rolling out the latest Android 15 beta update to participating developers and users.

According to Google, the introduction of Android 15 Beta 3 brings "platform stability" to the upcoming major version of the operating system on schedule. This brings the following points to note for testers and developers: B. Passkey and Credential Manager Updates.

Google is enabling registered testers to use the One-Step Login feature using biometric data such as facial recognition, fingerprint, and screen lock. Previously, users were presented with two submenus: one that asked for a "saved passkey" for a particular service and another that asked for biometric data. Users will see a unified submenu with details about the services they are logged into, as well as the option to enter a fingerprint or use a PIN.

The company says that if a user accidentally ignores an app's prompt to use a passkey, Credential Manager will provide autofill suggestions on the keyboard.

For developers, the post states that they can send Credential Manager API requests using an inline autofill fallback UI or a dropdown menu. As mentioned before, this is all done through the user's keyboard.

Google has announced that it has deprecated WebSettings (WebSQL) for Android WebView in Beta 3. These settings are no longer visible in Chrome. Additionally, the company will consider making this method "no action" in all Android software versions "within the next 12 months."

The rollout of the update also encourages app developers to prepare their products, libraries, tools, and game engines for Android 15. Google wants developers to prepare their apps for the new "FLAG_STOPPED" change, which ensures that apps remain stopped until user manual input is detected. Even if developers are not yet targeting Android 15, note the 16 KB page support, predictive bake animations, and support for private spaces.

Android 15 Beta 3 is now rolling out to all registered testers and supported devices. Pixel phone owners can see which devices are eligible to join the test environment to get started.

The last beta update for Android 15 came in early June as a small patch called Beta 2.2. The original Beta 2 update was frustrating for registered testers, who quickly let Google know about it. Beta 2.2 continued to fix some of the annoying issues that plagued Private Space and an issue that stopped the NFC feature from working on some devices. Other issues related to the app drawer and HDR were also fixed.

Google plans to achieve platform stability for the next major operating system release in June. It should continue to receive updates that will likely fix issues until Beta 4 arrives in July. Then we'll see where the road takes us.