Nothing Phone 2 gets June security patch update with bug fixes

Written on 06/14/2024
Taylor Bell

The ChatGPT integration introduced from the previous update also gets refinements.


  • Nothing has been rolled out of its OS 2.5.6 for the flagship Phone 2,  adding notable new features with bug fixes.
  • The other fixed issues include lock screen widgets not showing up occasionally and back gestures that sometimes lacked haptic feedback
  • The update also includes the June security patch and refinements to ChatGPT.

No word this week on the incremental release of new firmware for the flagship Phone 2, which includes new features in addition to improvements and bug fixes.

Called Nothing OS 2.5.6, the update follows OS 2.5.5 released in April and integrates ChatGPT into the Phone 2. It also adds conversation functionality to the current Ear and "Ear a" headphones. However, the latest firmware adds some nifty new features, such as a new option in Settings that lets users show or hide the navigation bar.

The community post did not discuss features such as the addition of a custom option that lets users enable or disable the swipe action required to access the Quick Settings panel from the top of the lock screen. Additionally, status bar icons can now be customized using new options accessible through the display settings on the Phone 2. Google's latest June security patch is another notable innovation added in the new update.

The full changelog can be found in the community post above. Major improvements included in OS 2.5.6 include:

  • New animations in the Quick Settings widget allow for more interaction.
  • Optimized compatibility with some mobile networks.
  • Improved UI for carrier names.

The latest firmware version improves the ChatGPT integration of the Phone 2's previous update, which may improve the overall experience of the AI ​​service. The new update also fixes an issue that could cause cloned apps to stop working on VPN networks.

Other issues resolved include lock screen widgets sometimes not appearing and the back gesture sometimes not showing haptic feedback. Finally, the OS 2.5.6 version of the Phone 2 sees an overall stability improvement.

While regular updates for the Phone 2 are a welcome move from Nothing, the company's CEO Carl Pei said that its successor, the Phone 3, will not be released this year, marking a major and significant change to the company's annual flagship release schedule. The CEO also said that Nothing is "designing and prototyping AI interactions," which will likely be improved and seen in the Phone 3, whose release has been delayed until next year.

What’s new in this update

New features
➕ New option in Settings to hide/show navigation bar.
🚫 Added a custom option for enabling/disabling the QuickSetting swipe-down page on the lock screen interface. Accessed via Settings > Lock Screen > Quick Settings.
🎛️ New options for customising icons within the status bar. Accessed via Settings > Display > Status bar.
🔐 Integrated Google June Security Patch.

🌟 New Quick Settings Widget animations for enhanced engagement.
📶 Optimised compatibility with some carrier networks.
🖥️ Enhanced UI of carrier names.

Bug fixes
🔧 Resolved an issue where cloned apps were unable to use a VPN network.
🤖 Refined ChatGPT integration.
🔒 Fixed issue where lock screen widgets didn’t display in some cases.
📱 Fixed issue where back gesture sometimes lacked vibration feedback.
🛡️ Optimised the overall stability of the system.