HTC Readying New Phone for Next Week

Written on 06/08/2024
Taylor Bell

What are the chances HTC releases a phone we all want to buy in 2024? I’d wager it’s extremely low, but because we’re so positive around here, we wanted to alert you all to the fact that HTC is teasing a new smartphone for next week.

HTC will announce a device on June 12 and we can kind of see what it looks like in the teaser. We can see some buttons as well as some rear-facing cameras. It also looks safe to say it has a flat display, but it’s hard to confirm that.

The last time we mentioned HTC was doing something was in 2022. They have obviously done stuff since then, but nothing noteworthy for the US Android consumer. The One M days are long gone, folks.

We will update you once HTC’s news is live. I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but I’m always happy to be wrong.