Nothing confirms that the CMF Phone 1 is coming soon

Written on 06/06/2024
Taylor Bell

It's shaping up to be an unconventional phone, to say the least.


  •  Nothing Phone 3 is embracing AI features and will be released in 2025, breaking the company's release pattern.
  •  Latest teaser hints at CMF Phone 1 with customizable back covers and a unique knob feature.
  •  CMF Phone 1 is an experimental ground for Nothing, with potential pricing around $240.

Nothing, a London, UK-based company, has officially announced the Nothing Phone 3. In a recent X-Post (Twitter), Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced that the company is finally jumping on the AI ​​bandwagon, with the later Phone 3 being the first smartphone to feature AI capabilities. Pei also revealed that the Nothing Phone 3 will be launched in 2025, breaking the company's usual launch pattern.

For reference, the Nothing Phone 1 was released in July 2022 and the Phone 2 in July 2023. One could argue that the Nothing Phone 2a has a 2024 launch date, but there is another smartphone in the works that the company plans to launch this year.

Earlier this week, Nothing teased a new device on its X account that at first glance appears to be the bottom part of a laptop. There was also speculation that this could be the company's first tablet. The published image didn't reveal much other than a prominent screw on the back of the device. Additionally, the caption read "3,2,1," perhaps indicating that the device, whatever it may be, is nearing its final release.

Subsequent leaks suggested that the device in the teaser image could be the first smartphone from Nothing sub-brand CMF, with a focus on customizability in the form of interchangeable back covers. The device is said to have a lock system in the bottom right corner, which Nothing supposedly highlighted in its teaser tweet. The lock is reportedly called "Nothing Lock" and will allow users to add exclusive add-ons to their devices.

We weren't completely skeptical about this leak, but we were still willing to take it with a pinch of salt. But now, there is nothing to confirm that the first CMF phone is in the works and will be released soon.

The first teaser image showed the back of the upcoming device in a matte black finish. In the image, the right corner of the device is cropped, highlighting only the screw. The new teaser image shows the bottom left corner of the device with what appears to be some sort of button. The button and backplate are orange and feature a different texture than the device shown in the first teaser. This could be an innocent way to highlight the CMF Phone 1's replaceable back cover.

CMF Tweet:


"Introducing CMF Phone 1. Wonderful by design. 

@nothing's innovation and meticulous attention to design, it serves as a wonderful entry point to our entire product ecosystem. 

As others overlook this category, we're giving it our full attention.

Coming soon."

It's unclear at this time what this button does; it could be limited to volume control or it could support multiple phone functions. With that in mind, I picked up the phone and imagined a similar button on the bottom left. No joke, my pinky finger felt comfortable turning the imaginary button. Is it more practical than a regular volume control? No. But CMF is a proving ground for nothing, and I'm all for it. Oh, and by the way, if you are left-handed, it is not that convenient to use the buttons, as they are just on the palm of your hand. We will have to wait and see how CMF approaches this. We are also expecting Nothing to announce this device further. We have seen the bottom left and right sides of the device, but subsequent leaks may reveal the top right and top left sides, culminating in the first full look at CMF's Phone 1.

The CMF Phone 1 is coming "soon". There is no word on the price, but previous leaks suggest it will be priced at around 20,000 rupees, which is roughly $240.