Nothing Phone 3 won't be Released in 2024. 2025 Launch.

Written on 06/05/2024
Taylor Bell

Carl Pei and co. need a bit more time with the Nothing Phone 2 follow-up.

  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei confirmed today that the Nothing Phone 3 won’t land in 2024.
  • The company says it is working to “get the product right” in light of the developing AI advancements it will have.
  • Pei also gave some hints on what we can expect from Phone 3 and its inevitable focus on AI.

Nothing launched Nothing Phone 1 in 2022 and Nothing Phone 2 in 2023, so it was considered a foregone conclusion that Nothing Phone 3 would launch sometime in 2024. However, Nothing CEO Carl Pei dashed that expectation, admitting that Nothing Phone 3 will not launch this year at all.

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), Pei talks mostly about AI and how he envisions integrating it into Nothing products. In the body of the post, he states that he "want to get the product right," which is surely the main reason for the delay of Nothing Phone 3.

Of course, you can't call this a "delay" since the company hasn't even confirmed that it will launch the Phone 3 in 2024, let alone in 2025. That was just expected, because that's how the smartphone industry works. But Nothing is not a small, young company that can make such bold decisions. So it's cool to see them holding back until they really figure things out.

Digging into AI products, smartphones and Nintendo's efforts
In the video, Pei takes a not-so-subtle dig into the AI-based products that have recently hit the market, specifically the Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit R1. Both products were AI-heavy and aimed to fundamentally change how we interact with services and applications. Both were epic flops.

Pei doesn't mention the names of these products, but explains that getting users to abandon apps and embrace a new AI-based hardware form factor wholeheartedly won't work. He reiterates that Nothing's commitment to a smartphone form factor is the way forward, at least for now. That means, without saying it directly, we shouldn't expect AI-centric hardware from Nothing that isn't just a smartphone, like the Nothing Phone 3.

Instead, Pei wants to "build a bridge. From today's app-based user experience to build the postal app world of tomorrow." Perhaps this will be the Nothing Phone 3 and the hardware/software features it will include.

Pei also talks a bit about Nintendo. Nintendo is known for taking a "blue ocean" approach to its business. This means that the company doesn't try to compete with anyone, but instead makes the best products it can for its user base. Nintendo also places importance on its products being fun, exciting, and suitable for all ages. Pei says he doesn't want to be anything like Nintendo in that respect.

A personalized AI prototype
Elsewhere in the video, Pei hands over to Walid Behlock, a software developer at Nothing, who walks through a prototype for an AI home screen that's more than just an app launcher. Instead, it's a panel with various widgets that anticipate what you'll need at any given time. For example, a QR code to check in for a flight will appear when the system deems it necessary.

Walid also demos a prototype onboarding process for developing an AI companion on the phone. The AI ​​asks a series of questions on how it can make itself more friendly and attractive to Walid. She even changes her voice to match Walid's accent.

The ambition here is to improve the AI ​​for the individual, rather than creating a one-size-fits-all system.

It's unclear when this will happen
Pei reveals that the Nothing Phone 3 will be focused on AI and won't be launched in 2024, but he didn't reveal any more information. The Phone 3 could be launched in summer 2025, which would normally be when Nothing would launch a new flagship. However, since it will miss this year, it could actually be launched anytime in 2025. stay tuned!