Galaxy S25 Ultra to Shatter Speed Limits with Double-Fast UFS 4.1 Storage

Written on 06/03/2024
Taylor Bell

Samsung's Galaxy S25 Ultra may feature next-generation UFS storage that's twice as fast. One rumor suggests that the 2025 ultra flagship will come with UFS 4.1 and a data transfer speed of 8GB per second. UFS 4.0, found in the Galaxy S24 Ultra and many other devices, maxes out at 4GB/s. The even faster UFS 5.0 is expected in 2027, hopefully in time for the Galaxy S27 Ultra.
with twice the speed of UFS 4.1
Galaxy S25 Ultra
Samsung began producing UFS 4.0 memory chips in 2022, but the first Galaxy phones with the new solution won't hit the market until early 2023. The Galaxy S23 series was a big step up from UFS 3.1, allowing for significantly faster data transfer speeds. All subsequent flagships, including foldables, came with UFS 4.0 storage (except for the 128GB version - Samsung has not yet produced a UFS 4.0 chip with 128GB capacity).

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, due for release next month, will not get an upgrade in this area. However, it's possible that Samsung plans to bring UFS 4.1 to its Galaxy devices next year, at least the Galaxy S25 Ultra. The other two models may still have UFS 4.0. If the Korean company sticks to the 128GB model of the base Galaxy S25, UFS 3.1 may also make an appearance.

As announced earlier this year, UFS 4.1 is UFS 4.0 with 4-lane CS. It combines two UFS controllers to boost sequential read speeds. In theory, we can expect speeds to double to 8GB per second. If the Galaxy S25 Ultra comes with improved memory chips, it could be poised for smoother performance on the device. There are already rumors that the RAM on this phone will be boosted to 16GB.

It is unclear whether Samsung will completely remove the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ from the UFS 4.1 bandwagon or if only the base models will miss out on this upgrade. We may hear more from industry insiders in the coming months. Perhaps after a big event next month, the company will unveil new foldable devices, watches, earphones, and other exciting products.

UFS 5.0 is likely to be a minor upgrade.
In theory, the jump from UFS 4.1 to UFS 5.0 should be bigger than the jump from UFS 4.0 to UFS 4.1. However, initial estimates suggest that this is not the case. While the minor upgrade for the time being appears to double the read speed, UFS 5.0 is not expected to double this to 16GB/s. Speeds are expected to be over 10GB per second, but final numbers aren't available yet. Of course, a lot can change over the next 2-3 years, so stay tuned.