Nothing Phone 3 Pics Leak: Did they just copy the iPhone 16?

Written on 05/24/2024
Taylor Bell

It's been almost a year since Nothing launched the Nothing Phone 2, so naturally we expect news about the Nothing Phone 3 to come out soon. Recently, Nothing CEO Carl Pei tweeted a series of photos showing Nothing's UI update Show OS. While the software changes were interesting in themselves, the folks at BGR were quick to note that the phone in Pei's photos was likely the Nothing Phone 3.

Phone 1, Phone 2, etc. All current Phone 2a's have three buttons: two volume rockers on the left and a power button on the right. However, the phone in Pei's photo clearly has an additional button on the right side, just below the power button.

The purpose of this new button remains a mystery, but its presence is especially interesting given the rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 series. It is widely believed that Apple will also introduce a new button called the "Action" button on the next generation of iPhones.

For Apple, the action button is intended to serve multiple functions, perhaps acting as a dedicated camera shutter or camera start button. There's also speculation that it may offer other customizable actions, perhaps related to Apple's built-in AI features in the next iOS update.

Nothing's recent announcement regarding his ChatGPT integration into the Nothing OS suggests that this new button may serve a similar purpose and function as a dedicated AI button for quick access to AI-powered features. suggests.

The general idea is that Nothing's products are in some way "inspired" by Apple's design aesthetic. But with Nothing Phone 3 potentially launching before the iPhone 16, this could be the year that Nothing finally says, "Who's copying who?"

There are few details about Nothing Phone 3 at this time, but it is widely expected. Powered by the powerful Snapdragon 8 series chip, the unique Glyph LED lights have been improved for an overall better user experience. Additionally, the timing of Pei's tweet could be a deliberate attempt to create hype, suggesting that a Phone 3 launch could be imminent.